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The Documents Necessary for Entering the Squadron

рисунок Евгении Ивановны Стерлиговой, почётного командора

a painting by an honorary commodore of the “Carabela” squadron Evgeniya Ivanovna Sterligova

The “Carabela” squadron has been an open organization for children since the moment of its creation in 1961. Any boy or girl aged from 8 to 12 can become the squadron’s candidate. To do it it’s enough to come to the squadron and tell about your desire to be a member of the squadron.

In general it is possible for anyone to become a part of the squadron, but only children of the mentioned above age can master the program of “Carabela” completely. However the children who prefer to express their ideas using obscene words or to show their importance with the help of smoking won’t stay in the squadron for long.

So, if you have seriously decided that your child should come to the squadron, you can download the forms of documents for a newcomer from our site.

The List of the Documents to Fill in for Entering the Squadron:

It’s not a problem if you can’t download or print out these documents! Come to the squadron on Mira street, 44 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and any of the instructors will give you the forms of the main documents.

the press-centre of “Carabela”

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