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Historical Note about Press Center

Неофициальный логотип пресс-центра

Informal logo of press center (picture of D. Haidarov)

The press-centre of “Carabela” Squadron was founded in early October 1965 when the first official task of the magazine “Pioneer” to the Central Union of All-Union Pioneer’s Organization (Moscow City) was received.

On November 9, 1965, the official certificate confirming the status of “Veter” Press Centre was received in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg). Since then all the documents of the press-centre have were issued in two printed forms: wall newspapers and publications in external (large) press.

In every 100 issues the wall-newspapers are renamed. It happens because the life around us changes. The newcomers join the squadron for whom many new topics to be typed may be pressing. The main condition which remains intact when choosing the name is communication with the squadron life.

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Герб отряда

The emblem of

For 40 years the wall-newspaper had titles such as: “Tigryonok Sanka”, “Pingvin”, “Flibustier”, “Petushok”, “Beydevind”, “Barabanschiki”, “Na abordazh!”, “Gardemarin”, “Ankerok”, “Ninya”, “Bormotunchik”, “Avizo”. Moreover, there were a lot of special issues which could have had their own titles.

Another trend of activities by the press centre since 1972 has been the literary almanac “The Siny Krab.” It is issued annually. Its pages contain poems, short stories, narratives stories and even novels by the authors who are beginning their career in mastering literature excellence. “The Krab” also publishes journalistic works which are fundamental in their volumes and which cannot be typed in wall newspapers due to the lack of space.

Алло! Пресс-центр слушает...

Hello! Press center...

Communication with external mass media is conducted through the preparation of corporate publications (list enclosed). Nowadays the press centre is cooperating with many publication institutions and information agencies. The most popular among them are: “Pionerskaya Pravda”, “YuNPRESS” (Moscow), “Na Smeny!”, “Oblastnaya Gazeta”, “Nasha Gazeta” (Yekaterinburg).

From the date of foundation until early 90s the head of the press centre was Vladislav Krapivin, a graduator of the Journalism Department to the Urals State University (USU) and a member of the Writers Guild of USSR and Russia.

From 1990s till 2004 Larisa Krapivina , a graduator of the Faculty of Philology to USU and a member of the Union of Russian Journalists, took his office.

Выполню задание точно и в срок

Each one of us is ready to fulfill the tasks by the editorial staff

From 2004 until now Vsevolod Domozhirov, a graduator of the Journalism Department to USU and a member of the Union of Russian Jpurnalists has been taking the position of the head of the press-centre.

Besides, in 70s the managers of separate lines of activities such as: Irina Khankhasaeva, a graduator of USU and a special correspondent of “Pinoerskaya Pravda,” Sergey Tsymbalenko, a graduator of USU and the Head of YuNPRESS Agency, and Natalia Solmko, a member of the Writers Guild of Russia, worked within the squadron.

In 80s: Alexandr Bolnyh, a member of the Writers Guild of Russia, Sergey Kazantsev, a graduator of USU and a member of the Union of Russian Journalists, and Anna Myasnikova, a graduator of USU and a professional journalist.

During the work within the press centre a lot of children were properly trained who continued their studies at the Faculty of Journalism to USU and MSU and became the professionals within their field.

the Press Centre of “Carabela”

Photos taken from the “Carabela’s” archieves

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