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Toys Come to Life at the Residence of the Governor

Приглашение в резиденцию Губернатора Свердловской области

Invitation to the residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region

For several years at the end of the year “Carabela” members have been given a lucky opportunity to visit the New Year party at the residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region. The year 2011 wasn’t an exception thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Social Protection and the Ministry of Education specialists. This time the “Carabela” squadron got 20 invitations signed by the Governor for December 30 and January 3. The New Year tale “The Magic Night or When the Toys Come to Life” at the residence of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region left a lot of impressions for “Carabela” kids – Nick Koshkin shared with us some of them:

A wonderful time – New Year holidays! A great number of miraculous events happen during this time. I was very happy when I learned that I would visit the Governor’s New Year party. Danil Repin, Zhenya Pecheny and me came to the party in advance, so we had to wait for the others.

More and more people came and I began to think that we would not get into the residence, but miraculously everybody did. And then, finally, our instructors came, gave us the tickets and we went into the cloakroom, disguised ourselves in New Year costumes and moved into the main hall.

In the middle of the hall there was a large tree, pictures hung on the walls and ornaments were sparkling. And then the orchestra began to play (a real orchestra!) and the holiday began. First, we sang and danced in a ring and played with Father Frost and then everybody went to another hall (the same as in the cinema) where the performance began.

It told about one girl to whom Father Frost came and put the gift under the New Year tree. The same day the mother of this girl took the old toys into the street, they came to life and unpacked the gift, but it was not quite normal. It turned out that the girl ordered for the New Year… a vacuum cleaner! However, it was not ordinary. The girl wanted to vacuum her old toys to make them even better than before. They guessed about it and decided to vacuum themselves. Well, when everything was vacuumed the girl took them home.

After the performance everybody went into the main hall, sang and danced in a ring and received the gifts. By the way, Matvey Serezhkin and Danil Isakov were awarded for the best costumes (Matvey had the costume of Crocodile Gena and Danil – the costume of the fairy dragon). The holiday was very interesting and I hope that someday I’ll go to it again.

Nick Koshkin, subskipper

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