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History of Fleet at “Carabela” Squadron

Исторические типы судов

Historical types of vessels

We have lessons on the History of Fleet in our squadron. What kind of classes are they? To my mind, these two words speak for themselves: history is history, and fleet is fleet even in Africa. Well, now jokes aside. Speaking seriously, we carry out classes on the History of Fleet for senior children of the squadron.

What for? To my mind, any boy or girl is really interested to learn something about Columbus’s carvels, or on what ships there are in China, or about the history of courageous Vikings… The whole programme is designed in a special way so the fleet is studied starting with simple “boats” up to beautiful frigates and brigantines. And seeing a picture on some magazine cover, every child who has completed this course is able to identify faultlessly the type of the ship, its time and the country it comes from.

“So what? – you might  ask. What if I don’t know what kind of a ship is painted on a box of chocolates? The sweets don’t get worse because of it, do they?” Of course, not. In our squadron sailors and navigators can jump around that box for hours, arguing with each other whether it is a brig or a brigantine. At that moment they bring dictionaries, map cases and other things as a proof. Sometimes even instructors act as their judges. A good thing is that they don’t bring us to the windows of art galleries, where an unenlightened artist might have forgotten to paint a couple of sails or masts.

And each such argument becomes to children a research, an excursus to history. Children really study the history of the whole world through such research, not reading a textbook from cover to cover, but experiencing that time and touching the fortunes of seafarers and naval architects. As building ships, people built the history of their countries.

Anya Tkacheva, the press-centre of “Carabela”

photos from “Carabela’s” archieves


In this section we are planning to publish some materials on the history of fleet. In our naval squadron this activity has become an integral part of the programme. Each member of “Carabela” has only pleasant memories about sea battles and shipbuilding evolution from the classes on the History of Fleet.

Here you will find brief stories about famous naval battles, the history of the symbols of the navy, some links to internet materials on the history of fleet, some creative works of “Carabela” members about ships of different epochs and many other things.

the press-centre of “Carabela”

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