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Statute of “Carabela” Press Centre and Sailing Fleet

Официальный логотип отряда "Каравелла"

official logo of “Carabela”

Statute of “Carabela” Press Centre and Sailing Fleet Adopted in late 60-s XX Century

  1. Winds and waves wouldn’t forgive the mistakes that you make and it’s too late to learn during the hailstorm. So we should know the marine affairs in advance.
  2. A ship has only one captain and his word is law
  3. Night and day, at any time of the year and in all weathers each one of us is ready to fulfill the tasks by the editorial staff, press centre and sailing fleet.
  4. I will do my best to perform any task properly in due time.
  5. I will fight any injustice, infamy and cruelty wherever I face them. I will not wait until someone else defends the truth before me.
  6. I will never offend anyone who is weaker than me. I will always help and protect my younger fellows.
  7. Once I’m afraid of something, I will not retreat. Courage is when a person is scared and keeps on fighting.
  8. I will remember that if I ever come across any difficulties fighting the danger all by myself or whenever I am ever defeated, “Carabela” will always come to my rescue. If “Carabela” fails to help, its members will render the assistance required.
  9. Anywhere and anytime I will remember that I’m a member of “Carabela” and I will never do anything that may bring the squadron down.
  10. I will proudly wear the uniform and badges of “Carabela” without paying attention to hard eyes, sneers and idle talks. I will not let anyone touch the stripes and badges of the press-centre in a rough manner.
  11. Always and everywhere I will do my best to protect and take care of the sailing fleet and press centre banners.
  12. Whenever I hold my weapon, I will remember that it smells of death. That is why I will never aim my weapon at any person even if it is uncharged, and I will not bare my blade against my unprotected opponent, unless these people are real and dangerous rivals.
  13. There are no reasons which would release any members of “Carabela” from their responsibility when he deliberately and voluntarily breaks any PPSS or sailing safety rules.
  14. I can either quarrel with all my friends or take offence at my colleagues, but still I will not leave “Carabela” in trouble, difficult trip or voyage, because it will be the betrayal.
  15. I am willing to leave all my affairs undone and rush toward “Alarm” signal. No one has a right to set such a signal for nothing.
  16. At any time during any uproar or dispute I will immediately stop talking and begin listening to the person saying “Watch out, cyclone is coming!” This is the signal of great importance.

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