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Program Regulations of “Carabela” Squadron

(accepted in late 60-s, XX century)

Галка Суслопарова и Пашка Снежинский на парусной практике

Galina Susloparova and Pavel Snezhinsciy on sale practice


The world is huge, interesting, complicated and tumultuous. Each one of us discovers this world afresh like Columbus who discovered America. All the knowledge, sciences and art treasures are like new islands and continents for those who start their life. We want to know the world which we live in. We called our squadron “Carabela” as it resembles the ship sailing in search of new discoveries.


A real person can’t live as some spectator in this world. He should be both a builder and a fighter. To do this he needs strong personality. We think it important for every person to become straightforward, brave and stubborn.


Our character is developed not only through lectures or books. It gets stronger when we act. We are correspondents. Even now we should actively participate in our lives. We need to tell people about all interesting, useful and important things that we come across. Once we face injustice, we have to fight. Our basic rule is to interfere with our life and take an active part in it.

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