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Who are we?

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Our squadron was founded on July 2, 1961.

The full name of the squadron is The Press-Centre and Sailing Fleet “Carabela” named after Arkadiy Gaydar.

The Press-Centre deals with participating in different projects with many publishing institutions of Russia and Sverdlovsk Region preparing the materials on various topics. We also cooperate with the Journalism Faculty to the Urals State University. Many of our graduates work in editorial, publishing offices and advertising agencies in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

Fleet means that we are included into Yekaterinburg Sea School ROSTO-DOSAAF. Each summer on the premises of ROSTO-DOSAAF our children are engaged in summer sailing practice on yachts built and maintained by ourselves.

Moreover, we have our own fencing school and film studio. As you can see, our children have much work to do.

It is not customary within our squadron to be late or miss classes without reasonable excuses. In case of force majeure it is obligatory to call the squadron on the phone and warn the reception desk and instructors of your absence.

“Carabela” is a squadron but not a scout organization because when the squadron was formed there were no scouts in USSR. Until 1991 “Carabela” was an experimental young pioneer retinue acting at the place of residence, the official news office to “Young Pioneer” magazine of the All-Union Young Pioneer Organization Main Board. In 1991 the All-Union Young Pioneer Organization ceased to exist. Since then we are called “Carabela Squadron” Children Public Organization. For three years (until 1994) the children, instructors, graduates, commodores V.P. Krapivin and L.A. Krapivina supported the organization with their own means and kept on working on the squadron basic programs. In 1994 we were included in the association of children and juvenile clubs “Socium”, Kirovskiy District, Yekaterinburg, preserving our historical name of “Carabela” squadron and the status of children public organization. In 1999 we were officially registered and were included in the Register of Children and Youth Organizations to the Department of Youth Affairs, Sverdlovsk Region.

The Press-Centre of “Carabela”

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