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“A Drummer’s Memories” in a film

Маленький Петя в «Штормовом»

Little Petya Krapivin at “Shtormovoy”

Going to “Orlyonok” is a dream of any “Carabela” member. Even if you have been there, you look forward to meeting with this wonderful land of childhood, located on the Black Sea anyway. A long-term friendship connects the squadron and the All-Russia children centre “Orlyonok”. “Shtormovoy”, “Stremitelniy”, “Zvezdniy” – each word hides the joy of new discoveries, friendship of “Orlyonok”, tears of parting…

This year “Orlyonok” will be 50 years old. And we decided to make a small present from the film-group – a film about the person in whose formation “Orlyonok” has played an important role.

We were choosing a candidate for a long time and finally chose Petya Krapivin. But a new question appeared, what format should the film have? After collective brainstorming we decided that it would be interesting to present “Orlyonok” in drawings.

Лагерь «Штормовой» на рисунке Пети Крапивина

The “Shtormovoy” camp on Petya Krapivin’s painting

Petya rushed to draw sighing that he did it not very well. In a word, the work was in full swing. Soon it became clear that only pictures wouldn’t be enough and we needed some documental material – photos and video frames.

 I liked working at this film because it was interesting. For the first time we worked not only with video and photos, but also with pictures. We had to use a lot of effects, – Dima Vasilika tells.

Denis Neugodnikov is a master of effects. But for his skillful hands the film wouldn’t have been like it is now. And I for the first time felt being a director who knows what should be here or there but can’t do anything by himself. That’s because my brain can’t master such a great number of windows of computer programmes.

Каравелльцы вместе с начальником лагеря «Штормовой» С.С. Шихаревым

“Carabela” members with the head of the “Shtormovoy” camp S.S. Shikharev

– It was rather difficult to record the text, – remembers Petya Krapivin, – because I had to read expressively and diligently, but not to go too far in it. The spectators should have the impression of a free and easy story-telling. On the whole I am pleased with my work. Though we had to shoot the episode with the drum in the Standard-room twice, but it is nothing. Most likely the film will be interesting to watch in ten years and smile looking at the boy I used to be some time ago.

One way or another, the film is ready. And to my mind, it turned out rather nice. Anyway, it is for you to judge. “A Drummer’s Memories” will be possible to watch right here or on the server of the “Carabela” squadron.

By the way, Sasha Zhidrov and Masha Kolesnikova will present it on the All-Russia forum of children and youth screen creativity “Bumerang”, which will take place in “Orlyonok” in August.

Maria Postnykh, flag-officer of the “Carabela” squadron

Photos from “Carabela’s” archives

Короткометражный фильм «Воспоминания барабанщика»

Воспоминания барабанщика from Vsevolod Domozhirov on Vimeo.


Короткометражный фильм киностудии FIGA «Воспоминания барабанщика». Был снят в мае 2010 года к 50 летнему юбилею ВДЦ «Орлёнок». В ролях: Петя Крапивин. Режиссёр и автор сценария: Мария Постных. Операторы: Денис Неугодников и Дмитрий Василика.


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