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Useful Files for a Fencer and a Referee

Турнирная таблица по фехтованию

A fencing tournament table

Here you will find PDF files (now they are corrected and are made better) which will be of great use for organizations that hold fencing tournaments and for beginning fencers.

For many years in the squadron the tournament tables were created manually, by making an appropriate WORD file. Then we got copies of official tables, which got worse and worse with each copying.  Now we have recreated them, having taken the logo from the Federation of Fencing of Russia page.

Class demands – we took them from the Ekaterinburg fencing school of Olympic reserve. Now we strive for getting official results.

A tournament table (team)

A tournament table (individual championship)

the press-centre of the “Carabela” squadron

Photos from “Carabela’s” archieves

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