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Vladimir Putin has also read «The Boy with an Épée»!

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Vladislav Krapivin – a laureate of the State Prize [1]

Vladislav Krapivin – a laureate of the State Prize

March 25, 2014. March 25, 2014. Cars from a President’s motor pool took the guests through the gate of the Borovitskaya tower of the Kremlin. At the entrance, mobile phones and cameras were taken away, so it was impossible to take pictures on your own. A business-like dress-code for everybody including journalists was announced in advance. But at that point the Commodore I showed rigidity of her character and said, ‘I have nothing against a skirt, shoes and a white blouse, but I will go to the ceremony wearing the Carabela squadron uniform’.

We walked through all people scanners which ringed, detecting the medals. Security guards got nervous at once, but then let us pass with respect. One more unique participant of our group was legendary Mitka the Hare. He was carefully examined at the check points, palpated, but allowed to pass. Passing through all scanners, Mitka also ‘ringed’ due to the commodore insignia. As a result, he became the only toy hare in history to attend such an important event of state significance.

Our heroes in the Kremlin [2]

Our heroes in the Kremlin

In the entrance room in front of the Hall of the Order of St. Catherine, there was such a conglomeration of cultural stars, so one really didn’t know where to look next: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Karen Shakhnazarov, Yevgeny Mironov… One could easily approach any of them, say hello and talk. That was the moment when we really missed video equipment. The planned interview failed too, because at that very moment everybody was attacked by our collegues, reporters. There was a lot of them, and they were so active that once I imagined some rush seizure of the entrance room. They didn’t let anyone go until the moment of invitation to the Hall. As we realized later, all that turmoil and absence of cameras was a great advantage. First thing, we were not distracted for photographing and could easily communicate with people. Second, we provided an opportunity to our colleagues to do a good job. Later, in Ekaterinburg, reviewing videos, we saw a lot of interesting frames.

About half an hour before the arrival of the President Vladimir Putin everybody was allowed into the Hall.

Commodore Larisa Krapivina on stone blocks of the Moscow Kremlin [3]

Commodore Larisa Krapivina on stone blocks of Moscow Kremlin

I will not reproduce the greeting speech of the President and the acceptance speeches of the awarded here. All that information has been widely broadcasted by the federal mass media. The goal of my notes is completely different. The President of the Russian Federation entered into the Hall rapidly. He steadily accomplished his presentation and the entire awards ceremony. We were pleased when Vladimir Putin, in a part of his presentation related to the Commodore, mentioned thousands and thousands of guys that have passed through Carabela squadron, and in the end mentioned good books. In an unofficial conversation we knew that he was also a fan of Vladislav Krapivin and had read The Boy with an Épée”, The Three at the Carronade Square, Lullaby for my Brother. In dialogue he was an open, self-confident man. And so should be a real world statesman.

Commodore V. Krapivin is always in the limelight... [4]

Commodore V. Krapivin is always in the limelight...

Among various themes, we touched the theme of Crimea, asked about the situation in Artek, development of children movement in the country and support of literature for children. The answer was that the control over the camp had been transferred to the President’s administration and that the children movement and literature would be further developing, but there would be a lot of work in that field.

Commodore V.P. Krapivin with an honorary commodore E.A. Medvedev [5]

Commodore V.P. Krapivin with an honorary commodore E.A. Medvedev

The same day, after the ceremony we visited The House of Writers to congratulate Sasha Shkolnik on his half-century anniversary. Our team was joined by his relatives, Sergey Tsymbalenko, the president of UNPRESS agency, an artist Eugene Medvedev, a film director Vladimir Grammatikov. In the evening the phone was ringing again and again. I was especially pleased with the text of one of my Moscow friends: «Why are you hiding? We know that you and the Commodore are in the capital.» Was it possible to hide while the news appeared on all federal channels?

Commodores meeting with the President – an important event for the squadron [6]

Commodores meeting with the President – an important event for the Squadron

March 26, 2014. That day we didn’t leave the hotel at all and the security could hardly fight off the visitors who tried to get to the room 1321. It was an endless stream of people and it was evident that any lists for security guards couldn’t change the situation. The power of the universal love to the Master captured the crowd and some of them managed to get through.

I couldn’t cope with the situation alone without help of my friends and relatives. At that moment Nicka, Irina, Sasha and I had the only task – to explain every visitor that they shouldn’t stay long because it was hard for a person to perceive such a big amount of information, that this person should have a rest too. In the evening, the number of visitors did not grow less, therefore an assumption and a rhetorical question to me on the part of the security arose, ‘Are they going to come here all night through?’ As a matter of fact, it happened as they had expected but I did not want to disappoint them. People continued to come the next day as well. Even an hour before our departure we were interviewed by an ‘Isvestia’ journalist at the railway station.

A huge case with the regalia of the State Prize of the President of the Russian Federation [7]

A huge case with the regalia of the State Prize of the President of the Russian Federation

Taking into account the commodore’s age and health It was a mystery what sourced him and gave him strength to keep in good shape, receive people and talk with everyone all these days.

Next day we left carrying a huge suitcase with various regalia of the state award of the President of Russian Federation including badges, a diploma and a certificate.

Larisa Krapivina, the commodore of Carabela squadron

photo: Larisa Krapivina and social networks

Vladimir Putin is fastening a badge on Vladislav Krapivin’s breast [8]

Vladimir Putin is fastening a badge on Vladislav Krapivin’s breast

V.V. Putin about V.P. Krapivin:

«The elders’ duty is to influence patiently and creatively on forming children’s world outlook and character. That is exactly as the writer Vladislav Petrovich Krapivin works. He is the author of more than 350 literary works; the most popular ones that are enjoyed by both children and adults have been successfully screened. An open-hearted, sympathetic and active person Vladislav Krapivin organized the legendary Carabela squadron in Sverdlovsk. During 53 years of its activity, thousands of teenagers – THOUSANDS – walked through a true school of friendship, mutual support and patriotic upbringing.»

translated from Russian by Rita Semeykina

revised by Olya Novikova

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