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Outposts in the anchor field of the history of Carabela

Happy birthday, PRESS CENTER!

Happy birthday, PRESS CENTER!

November 16, 2014 a general muster was held in Carabela squadron, dedicated to First Lineup Day. By tradition, we hold this muster on November 9 but this year the schedule had to be changed due to Fundumental Region of Power onsite muster. Commemoration of the milestone in the squadron history is always a solemn ceremony in the presence of standards and the sound of drumming. On this day, we accept the beginners to the cadre strength, award winners of past competitions and common activities, promote to new ranks.

This general muster will be remembered for entire life by 13 candidates who have completed a probation period successfully, swore an oath before the standards of Carabela squadron and became rightful particles of the cadre strength of the press center and fleet, being promoted to Sailor. Here are their names:

Standard of the Pioneer magazine at the muster

Standard of the Pioneer magazine at the muster

  1. Elena Abramova;
  2. Alyosha Vasenin;
  3. Anastasia Vasilieva;
  4. Elisabeth Vasilieva;
  5. Polina Volkhina;
  6. Anna Kravchenko;
  7. Alyosha Kuzmin;
  8. Artyom Mazanov;
  9. Alyona Svetkina;
  10. Nikita Smirnov;
  11. Volodya Cheganov;
  12. Alexander Shapovalov;
  13. Yegor Yablonovsky.
Sasha Domozhirov is drumming at a muster for the first time

Sasha Domozhirov is drumming at a muster for the first time

Five persons have been promoted to Subskippers:

  • Alyona Bespamyatnykh;
  • Ivan Vasiliev;
  • Slava Verezubov;
  • Yaroslav Galashev;
  • Ivan Shebalov.

Commanders’ Counsel promoted Tanya Malygina, Anya Kuzovkova and Yegor Konstantinov to Skipper. Lida Lukomskaya was promoted to Navigator. Arina Nosova became Junior Flag Officer.

Family tradition of the succession of generations was resumed by Sasha Domozhirov who proclaimed his promotion to the reserve of the drummers group by drumming his first loud march.

The general muster was completed by the glorious movie group of FIGA film studio by presenting new episodes of Blade and Sail, the squadron chronical documentary.

the press center of Carabela squadron

photos from the arkhive of the press center of Carabela squadron

translated from Russian by Alex Sokolov

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