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On Sports Day jokes became a competition too

Of course, the finish is far far away yet...

Of course, the finish is far far away yet...

Emerging from sweet dreams, we plunge into even more kind and warm aura. When one gets up from a nice comfortable bed, one realises that one more beautiful and fast-paced sports day is waiting ahead. On November 6, 2014 children ready to share energy gathered in the assembly hall, while masters of sports, people responsible for the current day were already standing on the platform.

After the breakfast, fun burst out. The first step was Anthill, the goal of the game was to gets as many tokens as possible, when passing various sports stages. When the game was over, the most athletic participants received well-deserved awards.

«Tie a Strong Knot!» competetion

«Tie a Strong Knot!» competition

After Anthill, my favourite Urals Extreme started. At that game, each fleet, by squadrons (a fleet is divided to squadrons for the sake of organizing children more easily at various competitions – MK) passed joyful and sometimes dangerous (as it seemed) steps. At each step players should get as much points as possible.

The most difficult, in my opinion, was the last step, at which we had to use sticks for throwing a ball into a bucket and then for getting it back. After completing these tasks we formed a narrow circle and, each one holding his stick with a palm, shifted our positions. That very palm, at the same time, was used for holding a neighbour’s stick. The goal of the game was to keep all sticks in the air during ten cycles in a row. Our squadron succeded in all tasks, including this one, and then we left for our rooms feeling the taste of victory.

Diana Miroshnichenko, a subskipper of Carabela squadron ( Ekaterinburg)

And now let's test ourselves at a chess board...

And now let

After the rest, all children returned to the fleet locations and began rehearsing and preparing props. Each one was busy and the whole scene looked like a great anthill. What did the little ants prepare and what was the result is recollected here by Nastya Malchikova, a navigator of Carabela squadron( Ekaterinburg).

CWR (Club of the Witty and Resourceful) – the very title implies something comical, and taking place at Sports Day it implies also something athletical. Preparations to the CWR began since the very first day in the training camp. Discussions proceeded on which jokes to present to the public and would it be fun? Mainly, these questions worried seven people – the basic group of the CWR team. Yet, important part in composing the script was taken by the entire fleet, for it was impossilble to proceed without intermediate suggestions from outsiders. Our green fleet had to gather together several times – to invent, to discuss, and to decide!

An athletic song at the athletic contest of the athletic CWR

An athletic song at the athletic contest of the athletic CWR

CWR consisted of several contests. The first contest was a greeting, which all three fleets completed comically which means successfully. The second contest was a punt-about. Captains of the teams demonstrated skill of using their heads and extremities at the same time. Their performance was really terrific! The third contest was a dance. Participants had to apply all their logical, comical, and reasoning skills. Each member of a team did one’s best! One could only wonder where did they take such a lot of energy? The fourth step, the shouting contest was expected to be the easiest, but that was a false hope. That contest proved the importance of fleet support for CWR players.

Judges experienced the entire range of positive emotions

Judges experienced the entire range of positive emotions

During the entire game, the audience was applauding, none of the joke was ignored, even random ones. As a result, there appeared nearly the standard of Sverdlovsk area, though upside down, for that was CWR, after all! The first place was won by the green fleet, second – blue, third – white.

Masha Kolesnikova, a flag-captain of Carabela squadron

photos from the archive of the press center of Carabela squadron

translated from Russian by Alex Sokolov

The press center acknowledges Alyona Khazinurova for her help in preparing the text.

To be continued…

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