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Squadron Emblem and Slogan

Постовой (рисунок Е.А. Медведева)

The guard at the flag of


Our emblem is a pearl-gray shield with a bowsprit of an old ship and with three red jibs above – triangular-shaped sails resembling red ties as the symbol of romanticism, courage and valor.

The slogan of “Carabela” is in Spanish in the right upper corner of the shield.


“Tamborileros, аdelante!”
In Spanish means “Go ahead, drummers!”

Официальный герб отряда

The emblem of

Drummers are special members of the squadron. At the age from 9 till 13 any person who undertook sailing practice and proved himself a good scout can join the drummers group. Decisions on the enlistment are taken during the drummers meeting by open voting. Upon reaching 13 each drummer is obliged to prepare a substitute and bring up his candidature for the discussion by the drummers.

There are 16 drummers and 16 drums within the squadron. Two chief drummers are the commander and drummer captaining the banners group. The drummers along with Commander hold meetings, lineups and celebrations. The banners group cannot troop the colors without the leading drummer. The drummers’ commander bears responsibility for newcomers training, preparation of ceremonial and parade speeches, and discipline within the group. Any drummers, their veterans and the squadron instructors have a right to hold the drummers board meeting. The drummers see after drums condition and maintain them when necessary. Like banner-bearers, drummers are a special squadron group having their own badges, such as: aglets, special cap-badge and armbands.

The squadron drummers are highly appreciated as they are the most active boys and girls, and the squadron needs them much. All members of “Carabela” will follow these people4; for a good reason the slogan of our squadron is “Go ahead, drummers!” As the drummers move along, the whole squadron follows them. There are many things related to drummers, and we even shot a feature film called “Once upon a time there lived the drummers” which tells us about the life of boys and girls for whom the drum is not just a musical instrument. There are many things written in the books by V.P. Krapivin. We suggest you should read the following ones: “A Great Tide Nught,” “Dovecote on a Yellow Meadow,” “A Boy with a Cold Steel” and “Ship Officer Konoplev.”

The Press-Centre of “Carabela”

picture: E.A. Medvedev

translated from Russian by Alyona Khazinurova and Ekaterina Kudyukova

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