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Uniform of “Carabela” Members

Форма - это гордость любого каравелльца

Uniform is the pride of any member of

Newcomers of “Carabela” during their entering the squadron

We have introduced a special uniform for our squadron. Every member of “Carabela” should take care of his uniform and wear it during all the squadron activities except for those related to nasty work. The newcomers have respect for the uniform since their very first day in “Carabela”

 Only after newcomers have their uniforms prepared (shorts, shirts and berets), they can be included into the main team thus having their probation period completed. The oath made by each newcomer is as follows:

“…I will always wear the uniform and badges of the Press Centre and Sailing Fleet with pride”.

The uniform consists of:

  • Shorts for boys until the age of 14, skirts for girls and trousers for senior students.
  • Shirts (BLACK in winter and ORANGE in summer).
  • A red triangular-shaped tie with a blue strip. The tie is a the organization symbol uniting the colors of two banners, the red one of the Press-Centre and the blue one of the Fleet.
  • A wide naval belt.
  • A beret with anchors for sailors and a special cap-badge for captains.
  • Shoulder-straps where anchors and lace stripes indicate the status of a person within the yacht-crew.
  • The sleeve-badge with yellow or golden angles, monograms and anchors indicates the rank: sailor, sub-shipman, ship officer, captain and so on.
  • The aglet, special cap-badge and extra badge for drummers, banner-bearers and assistants.

Older children and instructors have their special uniform which looks like the uniform of sea fleet navigation officers with distinguished rank badges.

The Press-Centre of “Carabela”

picture: E.A. Medvedev

translated from Russian by Alyona Khazinurova and Ekaterina Kudyukova

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