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Main instructors

Основным инструкторам нужна команда

Main instructors need a team

Firstly it should be mentioned that in Russian we write and say «инструкторА» instead of «инструкторЫ». The tradition to use the letter «А» instead of «Ы» in the plural number appeared in the squadron a long time ago. Only the commodores know the history of this question well.

The group of main instructors includes people who have official job placement in the Association of children and adolescent clubs “Sotsium” and can be responsible for “Carabela” children’s life and health unlike the volunteer instructors.

Now the group of main instructors includes Larisa Krapivina, Seva Domozhirov, Masha Domozhirova, Kirill Vybornov, Dasha Krapivina, Maksim Iliynykh, Ekaterina Kudukova, Denis Neugodnikov and Ksenia Gordon.

Flag officer Daria KRAPIVINA

Dasha Krapivina at VKONTAKTE.RU

Дарья Крапивина

Daria Krapivina

Dasha came to the squadron very early, when she was three. She passed all the way from a sailor to a commander and an instructor. She was a drummer.

Favorite yacht of Dasha  is “Polus” – a ship on which her mother was a helmsman.

At the squadron Dasha can conduct any classes, because she went through everything: fencing tournaments, issues of wall newspapers, sailing regattas.

Now Dasha Krapivina is a student of the Faculty of Philology of Ural State University and an instructor at the squadron.

The Press Center of the “Carabela” squadron

Flag officer Maksim ILYINYKH

Maksim Ilyinykh at VKONTAKTE.RU

Максим Ильиных

Maksim Ilyinykh

Maksim came to the squadron after meeting with Commodore Larisa Krapivina. They got to know each other because of the preliminary presentation of a thesis of Larisa, where Maksim organized refreshments for participants. Max is the cook by profession and loves to treat everyone in the squadron to tasty food.

He passed through normal way for every adult beginner from a volunteer to a captain-instructor and a flag officer of the “Carabela” squadron. Maksim loves all yachts of our fleet because now he is responsible for repairing and building ships at the squadron.

In addition to repairing and building boats the flag officer Ilyinykh sometimes conducts classes in fencing. At sailing practice he works as motorboat lifeguard.

The Press Center of the “Carabela” squadron 

Flag officer Denis NEUGODNIKOV

Denis Neugodnikov at VKONTAKTE.RU

Денис Неугодников

Denis Neugodnikov

Denis Sergeevich Neugodnikov was born on April 9, 1979 in Pervouralsk, where he lives at the moment. In 2001 he graduated from the journalism faculty of USU. He is currently working on the TV “Eurasia”, combining the work of a reporter and camera operator.

One day he decided to become a journalist – at the tenth year at school. Actually he hasn’t regretted because this is one of the most interesting jobs, and studying at the faculty of journalism is a funny thing too.

Dennis came into the squadron because of his profession. As he said, if he was not a journalist he would not have met many interesting people, including Vladislav Petrovich, because everything started from there. He loves books of Krapivin since childhood. He even wrote the final composition about them at school. When he started working on TV, there was a dream – an interview with Vladislav Krapivin. He learned phone number, agreed and made a small video story.

And then there was a program about interesting people on TV channel where Dennis was working. Krapivin was invited and then they decided to make a program with the squadron representatives. They were Larisa and Seva. So Denis got acquainted with them.

But in general relations were not so close and they got in touch on the phone only occasionally. It happened only twice in five years. And in 2008 Denis learned from Vera Vorobyova about “The Orange Summer”. He called Larisa and asked how he could join it. And so he found himself in the delegation of Pervouralsk.

And then – the camp, children, the blue fleet … Well, he realized that he liked it very much. “The Orange Summer” was over, but he still wanted to the squadron. And Dennis came there in October. And … stayed.

“Perhaps it is difficult to write down what you can find at the squadron. The atmosphere, socializing, people … Here I have a rest from my work. The squadron started to mean a lot for me. And it’s true. And during practice this year I finally decided to pass the initiation.

Why – it’s probably a very long story and there is no reason to tell everybody. Everything is quite personal. I thought a lot before saying Larisa. I understand that, in fact, I do not have a lot of knowledge in squadron activities, I cannot fence, for example. Of course I want to learn it, but I have time restrictions – I still have to work”.


HOBBIES: books, especially the Soviet science fiction, mystery in the style of King and Lovecraft and fantasy. Denis collects movies from a series of Soviet children’s films, Japanese animation, the horrors, the vanguard, silent films and pre-war “documentaries”.

At the squadron Denis conducts lessons on film-making and manages the film studio FIGA. At the sailing practice and “The Orange Summer” since 2008 he has been appearing consistently with the camera.

DREAM: to travel around the world on a sailboat, such as “Krusenstern” or “Sedov”.

The Press Center of the “Carabela” squadron

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