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Яхты флотилии в год 55-летия отряда. Автор: Валентина Тупицына

Flotilla yachting boats in the year of Carabela’s 55th anniversary. Autor: Valentina Tupicyna

AUGUST 2016!

Sailing practice and the training camp “Orange summer” have come to a happy end! Carabellans are leaving for the All-Russian children centers “Orlenok”, “Ocean” and “Artek” Some of them are travelling to Sevastopol to take part in the program “Carabela-Süd”, some are staying in town to participate in very interesting events, such as the ceremony of opening and closing of “the Cup of Yekaterinburg”, celebrating Yekaterinburg’s Birthday, yachting and motor boating.

The press centre will be also working preparing and placing reports on Carabela’s summer events!

The main events of August for Carabellans:

18.08.2016 — “The Cup of Yekaterinburg” sailing regatta opening;

21.08.2016г. — “The Cup of Yekaterinburg” sailing regatta closing;

Each month of the year will be of interest for Carabellans because this year is the year of Carabela’s anniversary!

ATTENTION! The next general meet devoted to laying-up the yachts of the flotilla by Carabela Squadron will take place at 11 a.m. on September 11, 2016 at the water sport base of Yekaterinburg Seamen School DOSAAF by the following address: 15 Maliy Konniy.

ATTENTION! The next meeting for parents devoted to the enrollment of new-comers to Carabela Squadron will take place at 12 on October 16, 2016 in the premises of Carabela Squadron by the following address: 44 Mira Str.

ATTENTION! At our site we publish the archive materials: an interview with Vladislav Krapivin; a story about the replenishment of the Carabela Squadron flotilla with one more “flying” yachting boat!

Carabella squadron press-centre

translated from Russian by Marina Ivanova

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