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Maria Domozhirova, flagman

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Маша Доможирова, флагман отряда

Maria Domozhirova, flag officer

BIRTHDAY: July 17, 1980

CAME TO THE SQUADRON at the end of April (to the Spring Equinox Meeting) in 1995 after long searches throughout the city. She found out about “Carabela” from books by V.P. Krapivin. Coming to the squadron she gave rise to hysterical laughter of the Commanders’ Council, being the 7th Masha at the squadron.

In 2000 Maria finished Pedagogical College specializing in primary school teaching, in 2004 graduated from the Ural State Pedagogical University specializing in logopaedics.

HOBBIES: driving a car, fencing.


RANK: flag officer.

A the squadron Maria conducts classes in the History of the Squadron and fencing, supervises the uniform stock-taking and creates the data-base of the main staff and leavers. Now Masha is on her maternity leave – she nurses her second son, Alexander, who was born on the 16th of August, 2011.

As a result of her work in 2009-2010 Masha became a laureate in the Round Table MDO “Cooperation Rainbow ” in the “Amber Sphere”.

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