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“Carabela” Members are Different…

Каравелльцы бывают разные (рисунок Е.А. Медведева)

“Carabela” Members are Different (picture: E.A. Medvedev)

Initially, a few words about our traditions – there are several designations (terms) that are applied to “Carabela” members.

Firstly, it is THE MAIN STAFF – people who attend the squadron constantly and take part in all the programs of “Carabela”.

Secondly, there are people ON FREE SCHEDULE – those, who can’t constantly be in the squadron for this or that very important reason (being a school-leaver, preparing for entering a college or a university, lagging behind at school, etc.), but who regularly take part in some activities of the squadron. Those people, who had completed the squadron’s program and reached senior age are on free schedule at “Carabela”.

Thirdly, there’re VETERANS – all other graduates of “Carabela” of all ages and professions, who seldom (were walking by) or very seldom (on the meetings) come to the squadron, look through photo albums, «Siniy Krabs» with their poems and stories, and then, maybe, bring their children to “Carabela”.

You can learn more about the members and graduates of “Carabela” on their pages at the following projects: ODNOKLASSNIKI, VKONTAKTE ,FACEBOOK, etc.

the press-centre of “Carabela”

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