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Vsevolod Domozhirov, leading flag officer

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Всеволод Доможиров, ведущий флагман

Vsevolod Domozhirov, leading flag officer

Vsevolod I. Domozhirov is the leading flag officer of the squadron, the head of the press center of “Carabela”, an additional education teacher of the highest category, a member of Russian Union of Journalists.

BIRTHDAY: November 25, 1977.

In October 1989 parents brought him to the squadron together with his brother. Vselovod knew about the squadron from books of V.P. Krapivin and from parents who were acquainted with Slava. On the first sailing practice Seva was on the yacht “Gavrosh”. He was an assistant at the standard group in the 90s.

The third year at the squadron - the navigator Vsevolod Domozhirov

The third year at the squadron - the navigator Vsevolod Domozhirov

Vsevolod graduated from faculty of journalism of USU in 2000 and completed his postgraduate course in 2003. His is writing his thesis on “Regional media as a means of forming of legal culture”.

NOW Vsevolod is a senior lecturer of the periodical press department of the Faculty of Journalism USU. Vice Dean for extracurricular and educational work. The leading subjects: “Legal basis of Journalism”, “Technology of the journalist’s work”, “Teaching Newspaper” special course “Covering crime themes in the media”. He is married. Has two sons, Georgy and Alexander.

Всеволод Доможиров на парусной практике 207 года

Vsevolod Domozhirov at the sailing practice, 2007

In 2005 and 2007 he was the leader of the sailing practice of the squadron due to illness of the commodore. In 2008 he was awarded the “Rainbow of cooperation” in the “Trenchancy sphere”.

HOBBIES: road bike, tennis, fencing, photography, production of household goods and furniture, psychotherapy (Gestalt therapy).

AT THE SQUADRON: Vsevolod conducts classes in journalism and fencing. He organizes all the “Carabela’s” tournaments in fencing. He is the master of Weapons (repairs all fencing equipment at the squadron). Seva is the chief editor of the “Carabela” squadron web-site, curator of electronic photo archive of “Carabela”. He is a first-class yacht steersman, the head of motormen and lifeguards.


RANK: Leading flag officer.

DREAM: to go to Europe and the Crimea by car with his family to travel around the well-known (and unknown) routes on the road bike and to pilot a jet airplane once again.

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The Press Center of the “Carabela” squadron

Photos taken from the “Carabela’s” archives

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