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Larisa Krapivina, commodore

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Larisa Krapivina – commodore of the

Larisa Krapivina – commodore of the

Larisa Krapivina, the commodore of the “Carabela” squadron.

BIRTHDAY: November 17, 1966.

THE LEADER of All-Russian camp of mixed-age associations “The Orange Summer”, honored worker of the youth policy of the Russian Federation, Ph.D., teacher-organizer and additional education teacher of the highest category, member of the Russian Union of Journalists, steering a first-class yacht, the instructor-trainer of The International School of Young Journalists (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yalta, etc.) and consultant of sea camp “Shtormovoy” of All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok”.

In 2007 became the winner of the Round Table MDO “Cooperation Rainbow ” in the “Ruby Sphere”.

Larisa Krapivina: flying under the furious wind to San Sebastian!

Larisa Krapivina: flying under the furious wind to San Sebastian!

Author of numerous scientific publications and developmental programs in pedagogy: “Foundations of Journalism and the organization of children’s press center,” “Information management”, “PR activities in education,” “Educational potential of mixed-age of association and its limits,” etc.

Experience at the “Carabela” squadron – since July 1980.

Education – higher. In 2003 Larisa completed her graduate studies at the Institute of Regional Education development. Defended her Ph.D. thesis on “The educational system of a mixed-age association as a means of social development of the personality of adolescents (based on the “Carabela” squadron and the movement of mixed-age Associations of Russia)”

Management experience gained in the “Carabela” squadron, International Children’s Center “Artek”, All-Russia Children’s Center “Orlyonok”, as commander of the students unit of the Urals University, the commissar and commander of the pedagogical unit “Lingva”, deputy of the City Council.

HOBBIES: sea sailing, piloting jets and sporting airplanes, fencing, reading. Favorite writers: F. Dostoevsky, Lermontov, Bulgakov, V. Krapivin, Salinger, A. Saint-Exupéry, H. Melville, K. Vonnegut, G. Meyrink.


“I remember it very well. I was 13 years old.

In the summer of 1980 Vasily Dzhulay (at that time a very well-known and popular person at the squadron) brought me to the Flus, where the sailing practice of the squadron was carried out. Vasily has written many famous songs at the squadron. For example, the “Little girl”.

Larisa Krapivina at the practice 1983

Larisa Krapivina at the practice 1983

Vasily was a good friend of my mom and they tried to “build me out” in the squadron from nine years old. But I was fond of skiing, skating competitions, athletics, yard games, such as football, etc. But sometimes Vasily brought new Slava’s books that I loved.

I did not like being on the Flus. I do not like campgrounds, mosquitoes, etc. Yachts and musketeers, of course, fascinated, and the guys were good … But it was difficult to change my typical way of life.

I wrote stories, fairy tales, poems, and all that eventually overpowered. The second visit occurred after the summer to keep company to a friend – Lenka Smagina who was crazy about the squadron and was talking about it all the time, but I stopped her by phrases: “Just no bigotry.” We remained friends for life!”

FAVORITE YACHT: «Polyus» and «Faeton».

Larisa Krapivina is piloting training aircraft

Larisa Krapivina is piloting training aircraft

At the squadron Larisa conducts any classes without any problems. She conducted the first classes in journalism at 15 years, then came fencing, sea science, history of the fleet, the history of the squadron, the Statue, training and filming.

DREAM: to bring the “Carabela” squadron on the level of international children and youth center, providing the information about educational ideas, the creative method of the writer V.P. Krapivin and effectiveness of the results of the individual development in mixed-age associations. And “to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the “Carabela” squadron, surrounded by all those whom I just love”.

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