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Vladislav Krapivin, commodore

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В.П. Крапивин - портрет из книги [1]

V.P.Krapivin - portrait from the book «Belye bashni rodiny»

FOUNDER of the «Carabela» squadron. WRITER [2], honorary citizen of Yekaterinburg, winner of prizes by Lenin Komsomol, A. Gaidar, L. Kassil, N. Kuznetsov.

Vladislav Petrovich was born in the city of Tyumen. Coming from the family of teachers Peter Fedorovich and Olga Petrovna Krapivins, at one time he wanted to enter the Pedagogical Institute, but the thirst for creative expression took over. After graduation in 1956 he entered the faculty of journalism at the Urals State University named after A.M. Gorky, and in his student years he joined the staff of the newspaper «Vecherniy Sverdlovsk».

Слава Крапивин в гуще отрядной жизни [3]

Slava Krapivin in the centre of the squadron life

For several years he worked as a literary worker and head of the department in the magazine «Uralskiy sledopyt». But the love to the world of childhood did not let go – about the same time his friendship with teenagers begins: joint trips, fencing classes suggests the idea of founding a children’s club on the basis of self-organization. So in 1961, the children’s squadron «Carabela», uniting all those who want to live a creative and eventful life, was born.

For social activities Krapivin was awarded a sign of A. Gaidar Central Committee of Komsomol. In 1980’s he got title of Excellence in Public Education of the RSFSR. He is a winner of the literary prize RSFSR Writers’ Union and the magazine «Uralskiy sledopyt» – «Aelita» and a number of publishing awards.

In 1999 he was awarded a literary award of the Sverdlovsk region governor. 2001 – Russian literary prize named after Alexander Green. In 2006 he was awarded the Roundtable MDO “Rainbow of cooperation” «Raduga Sotrudnichestva» in the  «Amethyst sphere» [4].

In 1996 at All-Russian competition Readers Choice Award «The Golden Key-96» he was marked one of the best.


  • Medal «For Valiant Labor» («Za doblestny trud») – 1970;
  • Sign of the Komsomol named after A. Gaidar – 1983;
  • Order of Red Banner of Labor – 1984;
  • Order of Friendship of Peoples – 1989;
  • Order of the Knights of Fantasy – 2003;
  • Medal of Honor (Decree of President of Russian Federation № 1386 of 05.12.2009).


  • Lenin Komsomol Award – 1975;
  • Award «Aelita» – 1983;
  • Literary Award of Governor of Sverdlovsk region – 1999;
  • Russian literary award named after A. Green – 2001;
  • Literary Award «Small Urania» («Malaya Urania») – 2001;
  • Literary prize named after scout Nikolai Kuznetsov – 2003;
  • Prize named after D.N. Mamin-Siberyak – 2003;
  • Award Winner Roundtable MDO «Rainbow cooperation» («Raduga Sotrudnichestva») in the «Amethyst Sphere» – 2006;
  • Award «Big Roskon» («Bolshoy Roskon») – 2006.
Владислав Крапивин на Родине - в Тюмени [5]

Vladislav Petrovich at his motherland – Tyumen

For contribution to the education of young soldiers by order of the captain of the Far Eastern Border District Krapivin was awarded the badge «Outstanding border guard» the second degree.

BIRTHDAY: October 14, 1938.

Graduated from USU Department of Journalism in 1961. Now a professor of Tyumen State University.


RANK: Commodore.

Read and watch old version of this text [6].

The Press Center of the «Carabela» squadron

Photos taken from the «Carabela’s» archives

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