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Everything is so fast-fast-fast

Фанни Флориан представитель делегации AWO

Fanni Florian, the representative of the delegation from AWO

English pages in the workbook, one more flag at the mast, the schedule in two languages, Russian-German phrase books everywhere – all this has become an integral part of the “Orange Summer-2011″, due to the exchange program “Intercultural Dialogue”. The German delegation consisting of 16 residents of Berlin, Schpola, Göttingen, Bremen, Kandel, Braunschweig and Münster took an active part in the camp “Orange Summer”, which can now rightfully be called a All-Russian meeting with international participation.

July 11, 2011 Yekaterinburg met a delegation from Germany with gloomy weather, but sunny smiles of representatives of families in which the Germans were to spend the most difficult and emotionally intense first few days. These hospitable people were family of Belosheykins, Yurjevs, Orlovs, Makarovs, Solodovs, Smolins, Yagodkins, Golubevs, Repins, Il’inykhs, Evdokimovs, Syomochkins and Shibaevs. On the first day the guys from Germany got acquainted with the “Carabela” squadron and our programs and, of course, told about themselves and their organization.

Официальный логотип общественной организации AWO

The official logo of the public organisation AWO

From the very beginning of the exchange program nobody had to miss – first time on yachts, a serious test of the wind and waves, the first overkill, official meetings at the Ministry of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy of Sverdlovsk Region and with representatives of the Russian Union of Youth, an extensive excursion program with a visit to the border between Europe and Asia, the Church on the Blood and Ganina Yama and much more … On the third day guests asked «Why is everything so fast-fast-fast?» But it was only the beginning!

In just one week, which the representatives of Germany held at the camp “Orange Summer”, they were able to learn dancing, to make marine knots, to transmit information using Flag semaphore, to try themselves as a swordsman, to learn the wisdom of seamanship and even participate in this sailing racing in mixed international crew. A difference in language did not prevent the young commanders not to lose confidence at the yacht and to give orders safely because foreign sailors quickly and accurately carried out the commands to manage the sails.

Матч смешанных международных команд завершился

The match of mixed international teams came to the end

Also the language barrier did not prevent holding a friendly match, “Football without Borders”, which was attended by both boys and girls, both Russian and German. “Sport – is an international hobby, it unites people regardless of their color, traditions, cultures and languages. And our match was the true proof of that. All the guys did their best, showed a real sportsmanship and excellent football. I would particularly like to mention the game of girls from Germany – Fanny Florian and Marlen Westermayer, who fought along with the guys, and sometimes even exceeding them!”- says the chief justice Kirill Vybornov.

Пробуем «Натянутую линию»


But the representatives of Germany not only acquired new knowledge, but also have taught Russian children – in exchange program “Intercultural Dialogue” we learned about German culture as a whole, about the techniques and methods of working with young people and children in «AWO», about the national features and traditions of the Germans, as well as popular entertainment and sports in Germany. For example, the “Carabela” squadron has received a gift from their German friends – «Slackline» – a device for training the sense of balance which is so necessary for yachtsmen. The device is an elastic band stretched between two trees on a short distance from the earth. Only the most focused and dedicated people will be able to pass on the tape from beginning to end without any help. Present at once became very popular among children, and caused a real stir.

Very popular among all the participants of the camp were also representatives of the German delegation. Every child tried to chat with guests from Germany, to learn a few new foreign words or, conversely, to teach the Germans the Russian language, that they have successfully turned out!

“Children constantly swirled all around me like little satellites!” – Says the head of delegation Petr Obuhoff – “I do not know how they all called, but they knew my name, where I am from and who I am. They all wanted to say «Hello!», «How are you?» or asked to draw something for them. In fact, it was very nice!”

Пётр Обухов рисует граффити

Petr Ofuhoff is making graffiti

Yes, we should say that Petr is a very talented artist, and through his efforts, there is a magnificent picture on the wall of a hangar of Yekaterinburg sea school DOSAAF, based on which we hold our yachting classes. Come see for yourself!

With great sadness we said “Goodbye” the German delegation… Two weeks with them at the same time seemed very long and too fast – so many events, emotions and news they were able to contain. And how many things we had no time to discuss with each other, how many things we had no time to share! But we hope to make up for it already in Germany, because the exchange program involves a return visit to the host! Not for nothing German friends told us at the last day: «Hope to see you in Germany!» Well, thank you for this summer and see you in Germany!

Yekaterina Kudyukova, captain-instructor of the “Carabela” squadron,

Alyona Khazinurova, captain-instructor of the “Carabela” squadron,

photo from the archive of the “Carabela” squadron

translated from Russian by Alyona Khazinurova and Ekaterina Kudyukova

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