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Инструктора отряда

“Carabela’s” instructors – always in a formation

Firstly it should be mentioned that in Russian we write and say «инструкторА» instead of «инструкторЫ». The tradition to use the letter «А» instead of «Ы» in the plural number appeared in the squadron a long time ago. Only the commodores know the history of this question well.

Presently there are 3 groups of instructors at the squadron: main instructors, junior instructors and volunteer instructors. The group of main instructors includes people who have official job placement in the Association of children and adolescent clubs (OC&AC) «Sotsium», and can be responsible for “Carabela” children’s life and health unlike the volunteer instructors.

Now the group of main instructors includes Larisa Krapivina, Seva Domozhirov, Masha Domozhirova, Kirill Vybornov, Dasha Krapivina, Maksim Iliynykh, Kseniya Gordon, Vasiliy Belov and Denis Neugodnikov.

Junior instructors are those who have completed the squadron’s programme, have been yacht and watch commanders. They help main instructors to hold classes in the squadron. Usually they are schoolchildren who can become volunteer instructors in future. Presently the group of junior instructors includes Egor Solodov and Lisa Gabdulganieva.

And finally, volunteer instructors. The educative system of the squadron implies constant development of a person from being a newcomer to an instructor. Of course, not everyone becomes an instructor, some people can’t (for various reasons) even master a yacht crew commander’s responsibility.

Volunteer-instructors group normally consists of students, who can’t yet work permanently as main instructors. Presently five volunteer-instructors take an active part in the squadron’s life; they are Volodya Novosyolov, Yana Belotserkovskaya, Nastya Pastukhova, Alyona Khazinurova and Katya Kudyukova

the press-centre of “Carabela”

photos from “Carabela’s” archieves

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