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The Veterans of “Carabela” Fence Recklessly

Турнир ветеранов

The Tournament of “Carabela’s” veterans – 2011

“I won’t tell you who broke the foil. Well, no, I’ll tell you, it was I who broke it! So let them stand there and laugh! And I won’t tell them!” that is approximately the unusual tirade which all the basic staff and guests of “Carabela” heard on the 27th of March on the meeting devoted to the Day of Vernal Equinox during the awarding of the winners of the Veteran tournament. And everything started like this…

The day before it, on Saturday, March 26, 2011 the fencing tournament among “Carabela’s” veterans, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the squadron was carried out. Such tournaments take place in the squadron every 5th year – during the jubilee year. The veteran tournament was a cup-tie one, but those who lost had the second chance  - they got into the second division and continued the fight for the prize-winning places in the second group, by the way, there were 4 of them.

The veterans of “Carabela” fenced recklessly. The old school is seen at once, with the naked eye. Beautiful short attacks, nice beautiful defense… yes, we – the basic staff are still a long way off from them. The graduates of the squadron fenced with such persistence that even the hard foil, that has been in many fights, difficult and complicated, where it was bent not once and was bent back with diligence by Borya Slautin and Roma Chuvashov, even it was defeated. It was used with so much power that a part of it with its tip was cut down.

Очередной отчаянный поединок ветеранов

Another reckless duel of the veterans

Most likely it will serve for some more time, but it will be shorter. Seva Domozhirov, who repairs the fencing equipment of the squadron, will have some difficulties – he will have to unscrew the cut to the tip part of the blade and thread the remaining end to screw on the protective tip.

I think it would be interesting for you to know the opinion of the winner of the tournament, the person who took the first place in the first division – Andrey Nakhratov. I interviewed him on the phone:

The reporter (R): Hello, is it Andrey Nakhratov?

Andrey Nakhratov (A.N.): Hello! Yes. it is me.

R.: It is Gleb Deryabin from the “Carabela” squadron. Could you answer some questions about the tournament?

A.N.: Sure I can.

The winner of the Veteran tournament – 2011

The winner of the Veteran tournament – 2011

R: Thank you. What did you want during the tournament – to win or just to participate and remember your youth?

A.N.: Of course I wanted to remember my youth.

R.: What would you have felt if the score was not in your favour?

A.N.: Well…I don’t know. It turned out that I won the first place. I havent lost a fight.

R.: Was it physically or morally difficult for you to fence?

A.N.: Probably, no, I got a lot of pleasure out of fencing.

R.: Are you satisfied with the organization of the tournament? If not, with what exactly?

A.N.: Well, everything was fine.

R.: Thank you very much, good bye!

A.N.: God bye.

Here the conversation with Andrey Nakhratov ended.

Очередной отчаянный поединок

Another reckless duel

Неожиданный мгновенный выпад

An unexpected reckless lunge

Поменялись местами после трёх уколов

Change places after three hits

The whole tournament impressed me with its range, more than thirty veterans and graduates of the squadron took part in it, and even more people came to support them. All the duels took place on one day, the refereeing was carried out in the old manner, meaning that there were side referees. It wasn’t possible to hold the tournament using electric equipment because of the lack of large-size jackets. Any participant who lost twice was out of the further duels and went to drinking tea and communicating with other veterans. The referee group included the instructors of the squadron and those veterans who didn’t take part in the tournament itself.

Ура! Ветеранам отряда

“Hurrah” to the veterans of “Carabela”

That’s how the Tournament for the veterans and graduates of the “Carabela” squadron devoted to the Day of Vernal Equinox and the jubilee ended. I am sure that this tournament wil linger long in everybody’s memories. Learn to fence like our veterans do!

Gleb Deryabin, a skipper of the “Carabela” squadron

photos taken from “Carabela’s” archives

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