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Helloy, you are in our squadron

Рисунок Евгения Медведева, почётного командора

Рисунок Евгения Медведева, почётного командора

We always interact on a first-name basis because in “Carabela” everyone is on equal terms: children and adults.

Now everything may be of interest to you: uniform, sparkling stripes, marine devices, trip and adventure stories, incl. foil clank. And it would be unfair not to warn you.

The life “Carabela” squadron is not a holiday. Sometimes each newcomer may be bored with his uniform, his foil may seem heavier than usual, and summer sailing trips – distant and wishful.

There are some tense moments in “Carabela”. Sometimes there are very difficult and dull periods so long as the ability to control the sails, master the blade and work within the crew, requires persistent exercises. Correspondent tasks to be fulfilled accurately and in due time are always a serious and responsible work.

Sometimes one may be bored or scared. There may be people who interfere with your life in “Carabela” through folly or out of envy. So you will have to defend the right to express your own opinion, protect the honour of your tie, banners and laws of the squadron.

You should bear in mind that the life in “Carabela” is full of joy, light and vitality, and that is because the members of “Carabela” are willing to create something new which substantially improves the things done by their forerunners rendering homage to previous generations. Our children recognize the authority of law, they are obsessed by their activities, stubborn when performing the tasks specified, able to preserve readiness of mind in any situation, and do not cherish the results achieved. Remember that all great and prominent people could overcome the fears of unexplored ways. So, go ahead!

Хорошее настроение в отряде “Каравелла” from Vsevolod Domozhirov on Vimeo.

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