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The Rules of Conduct on the Base of Ekaterinburg Sea School

На воде и на суше важно соблюдать технику безопасности

It’s important to follow the safety rules on land and water

A lot of guests come to the squadron frequently – both to the premises on 44, Mira Street and to the base of Ekaterinburg sea school (ESS). The “Carabela” members always greet the guests with joy even if such a meeting wasn’t planned.

When you come to the sailing practice as a guest, one of the instructors or commanders will instruct you on the safety rules on water (you can read or download it in the part “For “Carabela” members”) and on the rules of conduct on the ESS base, which we cite here.

On the territory of the ESS in “Carabela” it is PROHIBITED to:
  • run on the piers in close proximity of water;
  • be on a yacht without individual life-saving apparatus;
  • shake yachts during sailing and create the threat of collision with other yachts;
  • throw stones into water;
  • stand aside, walk along the base while everybody else is working;
  • use offensive language while talking;
  • smoke and burn matches;
  • take alcoholic drinks;
  • offend children of junior age or rank;
  • pester older children and instructors with nosy requests or talks.
On the territory of the ESS at “Carabela” it is ACCEPTED to:
  • take an active part in all the activities of the squadron in compliance with your experience, skills and abilities;
  • volunteer to do the most difficult tasks, where the help of tried-and-true and reliable people is needed (firstly it is the members of the guard groups);
  • help other crews if you have done all your work;
  • provide the watch duty on the base, in the dining room, while moving around the city according to the schedule, hand over and take over the watch by the commanders of the crews according to the schedule;
  • accurately complete the tasks and errands of the commanders, instructors and motorboat lifeguards, discussing the order only after completing it;
  • report about the completion of the task to the person who gave it;
  • meet the guests with joy;
  • see the results of your companions’ and your own work;
  • feel satisfaction because of your victories and accomplishments and analyze the results of failures and defeats.


the press-centre of “Carabela”

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