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Classes within the main staff of the squadron are still being held 3 days a week:

  • Monday;
  • Wednesday;
  • Friday.

Any additional programs and individual consultations are held all day long on Tuesday and Thursday. The time of Classes:

  • Morning shift classes are held from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 a.m.
  • Evening shift classes – from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Clases from september till april are still being in main location of squadron is at the following address: 44, Mira Street Clases from may till july are still being on the base which belongs to DOSAAF is at the following address: 15, Malyi Konnyi Peninsula Street

“Carabela” Squadron is at the following address: 44, Mira Street.
Схема проезда до отряда

Directions to main location of

How to get to “Carabela” Squadron

Those who go by public transport it would be better to reach “Professorskaya” stop (bus: 61, 36, 25, 18k, 14 and 13k; route taxi: 61 and 04; trolleybuses: 20, 19, 7 and 6). After that you should walk 2 quarters upwards heading “Uralobuv” factory.

If you go by bus No. 60 it would be better for you to reach “Uralobuv” stop, cross Mira Str. And come up the hill.

If you go by regular bus No. 18 you have to get off at ‘Gagarina” stop (as it does not stop at  “Professorskaya” stop), stroll to Gagarina Str., turn to the right, reaching Pedagogicheskaya Str., and then head towards Mira Str.

Those who go by car can reach their destination by three directions:

  1. From downtown through Malysheva Str. – Gagarina Str. – Professorskaya Str.
  2. From ZhBI through Vysotskogo Str. – Malysheva Str. – Mira Str.
  3. Through bypass route – i.e. Komsomolskaya Str. – Bibliotechnaya Str. – Mira Str.
The homeport of all our yachts is at the following address: 15, Malyi Konnyi Peninsula Street.
Схема проезда на базу ЕМШ ДОСААФ

Directions to base YSS DOSAAF

How to Reach the Base

Throughout half a summer “Carabela” Sailing is located on the base which belongs to DOSAAF. The homeport of all our yachts is situated there. The base is at the following address: 15, Malyi Konnyi Peninsula Street.

To reach our port you should choose one of two possible routes. The first one is to go by tram. In this case you should reach either “VIZ” or “Tatischeva” stops, then change for tram No. 11 and get to “Malyi Konnyi” station. After that you should stroll along House No. 13, cross the road until you see the base gate.

The second route is more preferable for those who go by bus or route taxi. When using these types of municipal transport you should reach “Radiotekhnikum” stop (bus No. 28). Then walk straight to the swamp, head down the path towards Verkh-Isetsky Water Reservoir (see map). Once you have walked through the swamp, you will stand by building No. 13 mentioned above.

In case you do not use the municipal transport and only prefer to drive vehicles, then you should drive along Tatischev Street and head towards VIZ-pond and Malyi Konnyi Peninsula Street (see route plan).

The Press Centre of “Carabela”

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